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The Amazing Compacted Power of the Eaton DM1

In a typical industrial fashion, bigger is seen as synonymous with more power. The bigger the equipment to run, the bigger the power source that is needed and then the bigger the frequency drive that is needed to match it. However, what does one do when the system needs to be small in size, compact, and yet produce sizable power regardless? No, looking at Thor’s home, Asgard, is not going to be a viable solution. Instead, one needs to work with technology that can provide both power and a small footprint at the same time. That’s where the Eaton DM1 microdrives come into play.

Constant Evolution to Push Technology Delivery

Eaton has a long-standing reputation for seeking ways to do better with its designs. The philosophy has materialized in the physical design of the DM1 frequency drive, made available with DM1 and DM1 PRO microdrive options. This is all part of the top-down improvement strategy that Eaton has implemented with adjustable VFDs that both meet and exceed the increasingly demanding expectations of industries as well as commercial applications.

Much of the physical design change was made possible with the extensive use of semiconductors, as well as a modular design that can be built to a client’s needs versus forcing a customer to use a drive that was one form only, the typical product design under scales of economy. Additionally, the DM1 series stayed true to compatibility in the use of standard input/output connection formats, as well as providing expansion capability if desired. Throw in Eaton’s proprietary approach with its Active Energy Control, and the DM1 ends up being a powerhouse compacted into a tight package that is also still incredibly reliable and safe to use under hard conditions.

Additional Features of the DM1

There’s no question that the Eaton DM1 also includes a portfolio of benefits and capabilities that Eaton is famous for as well. This includes integration of a surge protector defense, EMI/RFI filtering, a wide range of standard data communication capabilities (Ethernet, Modbus, BACnet, Bluetooth and more), overload stress ratings, controllable logic systems that can be managed in the unit as well as externally, graphic display integration, and expandable communication ports as well.

Efficiency is a Standard vs an Optional Feature

Eaton has repeatedly made a point of staying disciplined in its application of functional efficiency. The DM1 continues this approach by providing an amazingly powerful management of power delivered to multiple systems at the same time. It’s a primary reason why Eaton drives are chosen and selected for handling facilities with HVAC, pumps, power and system flow at the same time. In addition to that, the DM1 also provides extremely accurate and dependable data logging capabilities as well, which is ideal for data analysis of system behavior, particularly in terms of power usage and drawdown through a drive’s management.

Still Built to Last

The DM1 doesn’t shrink from industrial environments. Consistent with its traditional drive application, Eaton products are fully intended for regular use in hard manufacturing and industrial workplaces. That’s made possible with a shell and body that can handle heat up to 50 degrees Celsius and keep operating consistently without blips. Additionally, the motherboard and circuitry of the DM1 is hardened to withstand conditions that would short out normal boards. With integrated onboard fans and controls, the DM1 also keeps itself protected from internal ambient operating temperatures.

Taking Advantage of the DM1 With Help

Along with Eaton’s amazing product line provided by the DM1 series, Seagate Controls provides the guidance and implementation expertise clients can rely on, both for initial product choice direction as well as installation help and troubleshooting customer support after the fact. With on-staff experts and specialists fully trained on Eaton products, Seagate Controls continues to be the go-to partner for updating and replacing variable frequency drives, in both commercial and industrial applications. Call us to find out more for your upcoming system project.

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