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The Best Tips and Tricks For Your Florida Vacation

From beautiful white beaches to exciting amusement parks, Florida is a top-rated tourist destination within the United States. However, if you aren’t careful, a trip to Florida can be expensive. Luckily, we are here to give you our best tips for saving money on your next vacation to the Sunshine State.

Make a plan

Start by making a list of sites you want to see, your budget, the area in which you want to stay, the time of year you want to go, and your mode of transportation. From there, you can estimate how much each part of your trip will be. You will know if you need to stay in a less expensive area or eat at cheaper restaurants by making a plan and comparing it to your budget.

One way to help you plan your vacation is by using our self-guided tour app, Action Tour Guide. Our tours have already planned the itinerary, all you have to do is download the app and go!

Tour Florida by car

Not only is driving the cheapest way to get to Florida, but it is also the best way to tour Florida. There are plenty of easy and beautiful road trip routes that you can take to get to Florida.

Flights to Florida can be expensive, and because Florida’s public transportation isn’t very reliable, you would need to rent a car after flying. If you get to Florida by driving yourself, you won’t need to pay for a flight or a rental car.

If you do fly, book your ticket in advance

Many airlines offer heavy discounts on tickets purchased 1-3 weeks before the departure date. Sometimes, you can find last-minute seats the day before for extremely cheap, but this is a gamble. Either way, flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday will usually be less expensive than flying on a weekend.

While your hotel will usually provide some type of free shuttle that can take you to and from the airport, you will still need to rent a car to get around to the rest of Florida. Be sure to book your rental in advance, especially during busy seasons, so that you don’t end up with a last-minute car that is out of your price range.

Go in the off-season

Florida receives mounds of tourists during spring break, Christmas, and sometimes summer. This is typically the situation if you are going to the amusement parks in Orlando. You may encounter many tourists even when going to the beaches on the gulf side. If you go during the fall or late winter, you will avoid the crowds and the inevitably higher prices that come with all the people.

Check out free tourist destinations

While there are many expensive attractions in Florida, like Disney and Universal Studios, there are also plenty of free attractions. Florida has plenty of natural beauty and accessible beaches. If you are in Pensacola, you can check out the National Naval Aviation Museum. In Tallahassee, admission to the Museum of Florida History is free, as well as the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center in Key West. These are just a few free attractions, but there are many more of them throughout the rest of the state.

Use our self-guided driving tour

Action Tour Guide’s Florida Keys self-guided driving tour is hands-down the best and most cost-effective way to tour Florida. This low-cost audio guide is a GPS-navigated tour that allows you to explore 100 miles of scenery and wildlife, in addition to viewing presidential homes, Theater of the Sea, and the Seven Mile Bridge.

The tour offers value, safety, and flexibility, making this the best option for exploring the Florida Keys. You can even use it offline, exploring the Florida Keys at your own pace during any time of the day!

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