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The Ongoing Value of Eaton VFDs

Originally, when large machinery and capital equipment was operated, there would be an operator assigned to the unit. This person’s job was literally to monitor the equipment and make sure it ran correctly. He or she would also be responsible for tracking maintenance, keeping logs, identifying early anything that needs to be fixed and making sure the machinery operated at an optimum rate of performance. While an experienced monitor became very versed in how such equipment ran, it was also expensive to pay for and maintain the salary of a related person all day long. Additionally, the person couldn’t be used for much of anything else as their attention had to be on the machine. Every time the person was taken away, inevitably, something would go haywire.

Introducing Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives or VFDs helped with automating the control of motor machinery and similar systems. This is done by pre-setting the range of performance the engine should operate in, and then the VFD manages the amount of power applied to keep the motor in that range on an ongoing basis. While a simple switch system simply turns the machine on and off, it doesn’t account for fluctuations in power levels, which can cause problems and even harm equipment in motion. Instead, the VFD helps smooth out the power push as well as stabilize operational reliability.

Eaton’s Involvement in VFDs

Eaton has consistently provided the highest quality VFDs available on the market for decades. Their experience and depth in adjustable frequency drives has continued to push the bar in performance expectation as well as how new changes and features could be added. The result has produced a line of VFD models that cover multiple different system and industry needs as well as some of the most challenging needs of today’s machinery.

Today, Eaton VFDs are applied regularly with HVAC, water & waste treatment systems, factory machinery that has to run 24/7, environmental control systems, industrial applications and a lot more. Eaton’s products have consistently delivered efficient energy control, keeping expected costs in line, while at the same time protecting equipment from energy spikes or drops that can damage moving parts easily. It’s not a surprise to anyone involved with industrial system control when Eaton is pointed to as an ideal standard; there are few in the market that competitively match the quality of energy control provided with an Eaton VFD.

The product range provided spans a gamut from simple power control to a complicated management system for a full factory or facility control, and that includes remote maintenance as well. Eaton VFDs come in all sizes and physical footprints, easily providing options for tight configuration as well as large complex support. General purpose, high performance and even harmonic mitigating are available, depending on the Eaton VFD model needed.

Help With Design, Selection and Installation

In addition to the fact that Eaton provides a robust education program for its customers, both online and instructor-led, on how to best use VFDs and plan for their application in facilities, Seagate Controls also provides dedicated support as well. Our specialists help customers match the right Eaton VFD model to their needs, as well as provide ongoing support with installation, troubleshooting, maintenance as well as future upgrades down the road. Because Seagate Controls approaches Eaton accounts as a partnership for the models it sells, we have consistently supported our customers through the years as they expand and evolve to better and better Eaton VFDs coming online over time.

Eaton always provides ongoing help for its customers, and at Seagate Controls we carry that baton further with personal help and technical expertise. Call us to find out more about Eaton VFDs if you’re thinking about a new installation, replacement or VFD upgrade.

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