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Things To Know About Before and Aftercare of HIFU Treatment

Many people suffer from issues such as aging, dryness, and also rough skin. The right solution for all such issues is HIFU, also known as High-intensity Focused Ultrasound. This procedure focuses on restoring the smoother and soft skin of the patients that have lost their skin texture.

HIFU is the best solution for many skin issues. If you are also willing to experience the hifu 效果, meaning hifu effect, then you can do so by visiting Retens. They are a famous skincare clinic in Hong Kong and know very well how to address all skin issues in their patients. You can even check their webpage for all the required information.

Before Treatments to Your Skin

Whenever you feel like you need some skin rejuvenation, you should first understand that your skin should be properly pampered before choosing the treatment. You should avoid taking some antibiotics or other such chemicals so that the HIFU treatment is experienced to the fullest by your skin.

· Day before the treatment

You should make sure that you are not coming down with a cold or are feeling sore anywhere in your body. These issues can severely impair the treatment effects, and hence the before-care. The clients that are coming down from fever are also not considered as the right patients for the treatment.

When such cases are noted, the HIFU experts will allow the clients to recover from their illness and will then book an appointment for the 無針埋線, meaning needle-free thread embedding solution.

· On the treatment day

On the day of the treatment, you should make sure that no makeover options are applied to your skin such as moisturiser, make-up, whiteners, etc. With no unhealthy history, you should arrive at the centre early to make sure that your skin is prepared for the treatment.

After the Treatment

You need not worry about the time that you have to stay at the facility after the treatment as you can resume your day’s work on the same day. You might feel a little tingly on the areas of the treatment and this sensation will disappear after a few hours.

However, you should make sure that you follow these below-mentioned tips.

  • Do not shower with hot water or wash the area of treatment at least for a week. You can apply a cold pack or some aloe Vera gel on the treatment area.
  • Apply the serum or moisturiser of the brand that is suggested to you by the expert to the region for a week or two.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight of the treatment region to avoid possible dangers. It is suggested to use sunscreen with 30+ SPF daily.
  • Do not exfoliate or wax the region for at least a week after the treatment.

It is suggested to book a follow-up appointment with the Retens expert as soon as you complete your first sitting. This will be the best way of maintaining the 無針埋線效果, meaning needle-free suture embedding effect for longer time.

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