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Top 10 Most Exotic Flowers From Across The Globe!!!

We’ve compiled a list of the fifteen most unique flowers from around the world, along with their exotic flower names. The reasons for their unusual status are explained below, and comprehensive reading is required on your part. Most Exotic Flowers From Across The Globe. So, you flower lovers, go ahead and have a flowery trip!¬†

Most Exotic Flowers From Across The Globe

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

These exotic flowers are often cultivated in South America’s tropical areas. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are extremely simple to cultivate flowers that bloom for at least six weeks. In Victorian times, these blooms were regarded as a sign of proud ladies. Amaryllis are often seen in red and white, but they can appear in a range of colours, including soft cream, reddish pink, blue, and vivid black.


Exotic flower names sound even more exotic! Simply saying the word anthurium five or six times will make you feel something wonderful. The first thing you’ll notice about this bloom is that it has a heart-shaped leaf. The real blooms are in the rod-shaped protrusion that emerges from the heart-shaped bract’s upper tip. These flowers represent plenty and friendliness.

Flowers of the Banana (Musa)

Banana is a very popular fruit that provides many health advantages. However, the banana plant’s blossoms not only offer health but also pleasure. The exotic flowers that a banana tree produces are edible blossoms since they hold the fruit within. They have fleshy petals that are mainly purple in colour and create a teardrop shape.


Bindweed blooms are technically called Convolvulus Arvensis, and they were formerly considered garden pests. Although the exotic flower name may not seem appealing, the beauty of blossoms is both eye-catching and heart-warming. Flowers are symbolic of family, therefore they’re an excellent choice for presents.

Birds of Paradise 

It’s possible that knowing nothing more than the flower’s name is enough to make it a popular exotic flower. These blooms resemble a colourful bird with spikes all around it. Crane flowers are another name for birds of paradise flowers in certain places. Although these flowers are toxic, their beauty makes them an excellent choice for a gift to convey pleasure and anticipation. Apart from that, make your friends and family happy by send flowers to noida online.

Bull Thistle

The first question we have regarding exotic flowers is who came up with their names. Bull thistle is a flower that grows wild across much of Europe and Western Asia. Purple blossoms swing on a sturdy shrub, and the flowers are beautiful but deadly. Apart from their exquisite appearance, they are highly valued since they may be eaten raw in salads.


This flower resembles an ice cream cone at first sight, and the exotic flower’s name also sounds like a new ice cream flavour. The flower responds to the light by opening broadly during the day and then closing gently at night. When the petals shut at night, they resemble folded hands in prayer, earning it the nickname “prayer flowers.”

Calla Lily

You could mistake these exotic blooms for lilies, but they are really philodendrons. The bloom resembles a golden spadix emerging from the trumpet’s centre. For their attractiveness, these flowers may choose any colour from the rainbow colour chart. The Calla lily is an excellent option for weddings since it symbolises purity, faith, and rebirth.

Ecuador Rose

Rose is a name that many people associate with flowers, demonstrating its widespread popularity. Ecuador Roses are one of the rose types that have made it into the list of exotic flowers. These flowers may be used to present your loved ones on any occasion and can be utilised in any floral arrangement. The beauty of Ecuador Roses never ceases to wow! Order flower delivery in ahmedabad online and send them to your near and dear ones and make them smile.


The exotic flower’s name derives from its form, as you can see in the picture. The trumpet-shaped blooms have a long neck-shaped base that opens up to resemble a trumpet. Fiddlenecks are most often yellow or slightly orange in colour, although other types are almost white or pale violet in colour. Lawrence’s Goldfinch is attracted to this unusual flower.


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