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Top 10 Tips on How to Survive a Break-up


Love indeed is a beautiful thing especially when the going is good. A heart that is willing to love should be willing and ready to endure and deal with a heartbreak with most times comes with a breakup.

In today’s article on my relationship tips, I want to suggest to you some helpful and important tips to help you deal with a break-up and the possible pains that follow.

Top 10 Tips on How to Survive a Break-up

#1 Accept your broken heart

Accepting your broken heart requires that you let yourself get emotional. It is natural for one to get emotional when he or she suffers a heartbreak.

Allow the tears to flow freely if they are pouring. Do not attempt to withhold the pains, let it flow freely as that will enable you to get back on your feet as soon as possible


#2 Purge yourself from negative thoughts

Avoid transferring aggression to other people. You need to remind yourself that there are a lot of people that still love and care for you and there are lots more that are willing to love and care for you even.

Engage yourself in doing something that requires your attention to help keep you busy and leave no room for negativity.


#3 Talk to someone about what you are going through

It is generally believed that a problem shared is a problem solved. Chances are that you will likely get around a challenge when you discuss with someone.

It could be a therapist or someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in that area.

Sharing your problem helps you to shed the weights easily and recover in no time.


#4 Avoid activities or events that will remind you of the past

Don’t be bitter when doing this but try as much as possible to cut off activities that will bring up memories of the past. These memories will hurt you the more and keep you down for a long time.

Cut communication if and when possible but don’t hate the person involved, that way you can genuinely move on.


#5 Take care of yourself

Despite the fact that you may feel sad and may want to isolate yourself from the world, you need to keep your health.

Remember to eat and exercise at least for some minutes every day. Exercise has a way of boosting your energy and keeping you happier.

You must consider that life must go on after the hurt.


#6 Avoid the Ex-game

There are no two ways about it – you two have broken up. Don’t engage yourself in trying to call him, trying to get him or her back and trying to make him jealous.

Forget about all the sweet moments you shared together and instead, channel your energy into gainful ventures and focus on moving on and starting over.


#8 Avoid emotional song and videos

Some people resort to listening to sad music and videos when they are suffering a heartbreak.

Listen to songs and watch videos that will uplift your spirit and make you laugh more. Avoid activities that will keep you in a sad and sorry mood.


#9 Ignore updates on your Ex’s life

Simply and practically put, stop trailing him or her on social media or sending friend s to monitor his life.

Do not even call to inquire how and what they are doing. Give them their space and focus on moving on.


#10 Open your heart and move on

Do not turn down interest lovers because of your sad experience. Never do the mistake of generalizing or concluding that your intending lover will end up like the previous.

Be free and open minded to prospective lovers and make a good choice.

Move on, move forward, find love and love again.


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