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Top 5 Safety Tips For the Festive Season


Once again, the festive season is here upon us. The Christmas and New Year seasons mostly bring us fun and happiness but unfortunately for some people it brings pains and leaves them with an evergreen memory of sadness.

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Unfortunately, some of the bad experiences could have been avoided if the needed and necessary precautions were observed.

Top 5 Safety Tips For the Festive Season

1. Eat and drink responsibly and wisely

Some belong to the school of thought that says that it is better for the stomach to burst than for the food to remain in the pot.
Unknown to some people, most of the things we eat come back in the future to hunt us. Eating and drinking responsibly requires you to consume foods and drinks within your limit to avoid getting drunk and the embarrassment that goes with it.

For the unlucky ones, it can be so bad that they get some form of poisoning or the other in either their food or drinks.
This, unfortunately, has led to the death of several people.

2. Drive safely

The number of accidents always record during this season is always alarming. In fact, the reported number of vehicular accidents increase drastically because of the increase in vehicular movement due to the migration of people from one point to another.
The need to drive within the stipulated speed limit cannot be overemphasized considering that the roads get so busy during this period.
As part of driving safely, you also need to make sure that your vehicles are in good shape and that you observe all the safety instructions associated to driving.

3. Use fireworks properly or avoid them if possible

While I was a kid, there was this friend of mine was playing with fireworks and because she didn’t use it properly, one of the fireworks exploded at a close range to her eyes leaving some particles in her eyes.
Ever since then, she cannot see properly except with the aid of glasses.
I have also seen an occasion where houses and cars got burnt due to wrong usage and application of firework.
If you must engage in the use of fireworks as part of your celebration then I advise that you adhere to the safety instructions else I suggest you avoid it if possible.

4. Stay away from crowded areas and avoid late nights

For security reasons, and for your safety avoiding crowded, tensed environments and not keeping late nights this festive season is necessary. For the ladies, it can help you stay away from being raped or sexually harassed.
While for the guys, it helps you avoid fights, quarrels and lots more.
Generally, considering the insecurity level in the country avoiding crowded areas will do you a great deal of good.

5. Be careful when in an unfamiliar territory

For those that like visiting new places during the festive periods I am sure you will find this piece interesting.
It is good that you have someone or something to guide you and give you specific information and safety tips especially when you are in unfamiliar territory.

This will help you stay out of possible dangers that are inherent in such environs.
Another thing you can do is to make sure that you always inform your loved ones of your way about.

Compliments of the season, from all of us at Gist Habit


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