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Top 7 Ways To Deal With Depression


Depression is a mood disorder that causes a frequent feeling of sadness and a general loss of interest in things or activities.

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Sadly, depression can happen to anyone irrespective of your status in life or your achievements.

The effects of depression can be very bad and in some cases, it can be very extreme as it leads some people into committing suicide.

In case you are currently going through depression, you don’t need to lose faith as you are not the only one going through it at the moment and besides there are available ways of getting out of the depressed mode.

Symptoms of depression

1. Anger – anger happens, as it is part of life but when it becomes a constant or a regular thing then you may need to watch it as it can be a key indicator of depression at this stage.

2. Sadness and hate – when sadness and unnecessary hatred becomes the order of the day and a companion then you may be suffering from a depressed mood.

3. Trouble sleeping – this also can be a major pointer that you are suffering from depression.

4. Thoughts or attempts to harming yourself – this most times can be seen when depression has gotten to the extreme stage.

The victim will occasionally have the thought and feeling to harm his self and in some cases, the victim may commit or attempt suicide.

5. Withdrawing from people – for the family and friends of the depressed person, they can easily notice and help the depressed once he begins to withdraw himself from them or other people most especially if the person is the social or mingling type.

6. Substance abuse – a common and a noticeable sign is the abuse of substance which in most cases can be drugs, alcohol or similar substances.

7. Trouble remembering

8. Weight loss or gain

9. Sexual problems

The above signs are not the only indicators of depression, but in most cases, they can be associated with signs and symptoms of a depressed mode.

Of course, in one occasion or the other, you may experience one or more of the listed symptoms but when an individual is suspected of suffering from depression he is tested for a cluster of the above symptoms and many more.

Top 7 Ways To Deal With Depression


#1 Stay connected, socialize and love someone

When people are suffering from depression, they distance themselves from the world, they disconnect from other people and they isolate themselves and feel alone in the whole world.

Staying connected is a key way of dealing with depression. Come out of your shell and mingle with people, make good and new friends, get a pet and if possible find someone to love.

That way you begin to find interest in people and the activities happening around you.

#2 Engage your mind

Another effective way of giving depression a big blow is by engaging your mind. Read motivational and inspiring books.

Start a routine that engages you for the whole day if possible. By so doing, you create no opportunity for negative feeling and thoughts to occupy you or your mind.


#3 Challenge the negative talks or feelings

There is no better way to fight a problem by facing and fighting it. Hiding from your problem and withdrawing into your shell makes you vulnerable to the effects of depression.

Face the situation head-on and fight the negative talks that happen in your head by telling yourself that you can overcome your current situation.

This will give your spirit boost and help you to stay positive, energetic, enthusiastic and motivated to move on.

#4 Exercise and be more active

Over time, exercise has been proven to be very effective in dealing with depression. Exercising does not only give you the energy to begin the day, but it also helps your mind to stay connected to the body.
It will help you to be fit and shape.

Try and engage yourself with one form of an exercise and see that you perform it for a minimum of 30 minutes every day.


#5 Eat a healthy diet

Most people eat very little or stop eating entirely when they are suffering from depression.

This may lead to malnutrition thereby leaving the body with little or no energy to carry on.

Eating healthy meals can go a long way in ensuring that you bounce back in no time. It will help you to stay in shape and in good health condition.

Eating healthy meals helps you to acquire the desired energy needed by your body to as you come out of depression.

#6 Don’t drink too much alcohol or stop alcohol entirely and stop abuses of substance

Taking too much alcohol and or other intoxicating substances will worsen the situation, it gives you a temporary feeling of goodness but in the real sense, it worsens the situation gradually.

You need to work towards stopping the use of alcohol and other similar substances. Putting a total stop to the use of alcohol at first may be very difficult but you can start by gradually discarding all such substances in your possession.

Disassociate from friends and people whose lifestyle encourages you to engage in alcoholism and drug addiction.

Connect yourself to people of groups that will help you manage the bad habit.


#7 Talk to a professional and get help

This can be said to be the last resort after you may have tried or might have started the steps above.

Talking to a professional is very necessary.

A professional will ensure that your condition is effectively managed and that you do not slide back into depression. It helps to see that depression effects are taking care of accordingly.


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