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Top Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Facebook Views

You may come across hundreds of advertisements claiming to provide you with a good number of likes and views on your Facebook profile in exchange for a few bucks. However, people who buy Facebook views have reported that they’ve never provided any advantage to them, but they are reasons why their businesses are on the verge of extinction. Buying likes or views might come with several other advantages, but having low-quality fake views will kill your business.

So, it is considered a bad idea because no trusted website or 3rd party application will provide you with good quality real views or likes. So, make sure you do not buy because there are several reasons behind them, some of which are as follows.

Low engagement

Inorganic engagement will not increase your organic engagement, and inorganic engagement will not let you enhance your overall performance. Lower engagement is equal to low edge rank, and it is considered a Facebook algorithm that determines whether the post should rank higher in the discovery feed.

Social media platforms are powered by a complex algorithm specially designed to protect users from threats and fake engagement. So, they will not accept any views or likes you buy, wasting your money. Instead, there are hundreds of organic things you can use to increase your fan following on social media platforms, and they will keep your engagement high.

Cost with no revenue

The primary reason why you are going to buy FB views is to generate more sales from Facebook. It has around more than 2 billion monthly active users making it one of the largest social media platforms for doing business. But having bad quality views will not only make your business worse, but also they will not provide any revenue to you.

Make sure that you save money chasing the wrong target audience because the views or likes you are going to have are most probably not active users. So, the users you will get from your fake views or likes are mostly not interested in your business leading to making a bad impression even among your organic audience.

Damaged credibility

The credibility that you’ve earned with your organic traffic with your audience will be damaged if you buy fake views or likes for your profile. In addition, it will show your current audience that you are not committed to your business, and they will certainly have a bad impression of your business.

If you are not willing to put necessary work to achieve organic traffic, what kind of business person will you become in their eyes? Shortcuts are not the key to success; they will damage any test level you have with your current audience.

Is it possible to increase organic reach within a few months?

Yes, it is 100 % possible to increase your organic reach within a few months, but the only thing you should have to do is work hard. Working hard for something is always the page of, and there are several ways by which you can easily effectively increase your organic reach. Some of them are as follows.

1. Optimize your content – 

Optimizing content is one of the most effective ways for you to increase your Facebook views and followers organically. You can do it by content formatting over by making a good caption for Facebook. Crafting a unique caption is necessary because it reaches the target audience. So, make sure you craft a unique caption that can be eye catchy for people who read it.

2. Schedule posting consistency – 

It is up to someone else to post steps on your social media. However, you must update your content regularly if you want your viewers to stay connected with your page. Fixing a timing, for instance, posting around every 3 to 4 days, will allow the user to know about what is your timing of posting so they can easily stay connected with all your content at a particular time.

3. Use Facebook live to encourage your viewers – 

Facebook live is one of the most useful features introduced by Mark Zuckerberg because it allows you to interact with users directly and encourage them to stay in touch with your content. You can also select some particular questions from the comment section and answer them in your life while you see them. Clearing everything with your current audience will ensure that they will help you bring more traffic to your page.


Buying like from 3rd party application or website will save you time, and it is an instantaneous process. On the other hand, organic traffic might take time, but it can be helpful and completely useful compared to the inorganic way. So, ensure you do not use any inorganic opportunity to increase your views on Facebook.

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