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Try These Vitamins and Foods to Help Reduce Your Hangovers

A hangover can be a bad experience for anyone. You have a pounding headache, your skin has a weird feeling, and you might be dizzy. This doesn’t include the possibility that you don’t have the energy to function properly.

A hangover is a biological reaction of your body to a chemical, which in this case, is alcohol. Your body also reacts to chemicals in food. So, there is a possibility that there are foods that can help with a hangover.

Vitamins are vital chemicals that our bodies need to function properly, and some of these chemicals might strengthen our bodies to survive a hangover.

In this article, Sunnyside will examine vitamins and foods that might help you fight your next hangover.

What is a Hangover?

Before you begin taking things for a hangover, you need to know what you are fighting. Drinking too much will cause you to experience different symptoms associated with a hangover. These symptoms exist because your body is dehydrated and exhausted from dealing with all the “fun” you had the previous day.

The symptoms include stomach aches, headaches, muscle aches, weakness, dizziness, confusion, and irritability. Notice all the ‘aches’ in that list. A hangover can be a terrible experience.

Some people will have only one symptom, and some will have all. Both groups of people are experiencing a hangover. The symptoms and severity of these symptoms vary from person to person.

However, one fact that runs through all groups is that the more alcohol that is drunk, the more likely a hangover will follow.

The amount of alcohol required to achieve a hangover also varies between people. You might drink the same amount as your friend and have a great morning while your friend is hunched over the toilet.

So, a hangover is your body reacting to all the work it did to break down the alcohol you had. It isn’t fun, but there are foods and vitamins you can take to reduce the chances of having one.

Vitamins that Help Reduce Hangovers

A vitamin is an organic chemical compound that the body needs for function. Food and other organic sources contain it. It can also be synthesized. Some vitamins can help you with your ‘hangover problem’.

 Vitamin B

Vitamin B isn’t a single vitamin but a blanket name for a series of related organic chemicals. This is why the full name is vitamin B-complex.

When you drink alcohol, you lose a lot of vitamin B from your system, especially when you drink enough to have a hangover. If you regularly supplement your drinking with daily doses of Vitamin B, you will reduce the chances of having a hangover or having one that looks like it wants to kill you.

Vitamin B does this by supplementing the function of your brain and nervous system, two areas that are assaulted by high doses of alcohol.

 N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC)

This vitamin has long been considered an anti-hangover vitamin.

Your body sees alcohol as poison when you drink. Hence the phrase “pick your poison.” The body uses up a lot of energy trying to get rid of it. The aftermath of getting rid of alcohol is a series of reactions that make up a hangover.

NAC produces glutathione and this produces antioxidants that help with the fight to break down alcohol. As a result, when NAC is taken over time, the body can handle alcohol better and the likelihood of experiencing a hangover is reduced. Taking NAC 30 minutes before drinking is a good idea. It might make a difference.

 Vitamin C

To function properly, the body needs this vitamin constantly.

Alcohol causes a lot of urination, and sometimes, valuable vitamins are part of the things that are in the urine. The lack of these vitamins usually worsens the hangover that comes later.

One of the vitamins whose absence worsens a hangover is vitamin c. It is vital for your immune response, which alcohol suppresses. Take 500-1000mg of vitamin C daily to help with your hangover symptoms.

 Foods that Help Reduce Hangovers

Some foods help replenish what is lost when drinking, and these foods also help with hangovers. They can be broadly broken down into fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish.

 Fruits and Vegetables

Many fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Some of these nutrients can reduce the effects of alcohol and hangovers in your body.

The first food to consider is bananas. It is rich in potassium, a substance your muscles need for strength. It can reduce your hangover symptoms.

Watermelon is something you should also eat. Since hangovers come with headaches that are caused by dehydration, rehydrating with pieces of watermelon can reduce your hangover symptoms. Watermelon contains  L-citrulline which can increase blood flow to the brain.

 Meat and Fish

Healthy fats and protein might help with hangovers.

Alcohol reduces your body’s ability to absorb amino acids, and in chronic drinkers, amino acid deficiency is common. This means that you need to keep your amino acid stores maintained to reduce the effect of drinking. Beef and chicken are good sources of such amino acids and go well with most alcoholic drinks.

Eggs are rich in cysteine, a chemical that helps in producing antioxidants. Without antioxidants and glutathione, your body will struggle to break down alcohol. So, taking eggs will help your body fight the effects of a hangover quite well.

 Be Mindful

A hangover is a biological response to excessive amounts of alcohol. Some foods can counter these biological responses, and they include meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, and fruits. Vitamins B and C will also help your body restore balance after alcohol consumption.

Still, these foods and vitamins aren’t c. The best defense against a hangover is to moderate your drinking. The less alcohol you take, the fewer chances there are that you will feel terrible later.

You can drink within the limits of good health by drinking mindfully, that is, being conscious and intentional about how much you drink. Sunnyside can help you with that through our binge-drinking app. We will walk with you as you take this journey towards fewer hangovers.

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