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Types Of Divorce You Can Come Across.

We might have all come across the term divorce, and the first thought that pops up in our minds about it is two people just terminating their marriage. That’s 100% correct, but we are not sure what kind of divorce it was. If you have ever been in a divorce or are going through a divorce, you need to identify what type of divorce you are going through.

Your Columbus divorce attorney might be aware of which type of divorce you are into, but you might not be aware of that. Understanding which type of divorce you are going through helps you understand your situation better, and you are aware of how the process is going, as divorce cases might sometime be overwhelming and not too easy to understand. In this post, we have listed down some of the most common divorce cases you can encounter.

  1. Contested Divorce

This is the type of divorce in which both spouses cannot agree upon the terms of the divorce. These issues can be child custody, asset division, spousal alimony, etc. When there is a situation where both spouses cannot come to a decision, then, in that case, the divorce is considered to be a contested divorce and is taken to court for judgment. These types of cases are one of the lengthiest ones as well.

  1. Uncontested Divorce

These divorces are the simplest ones. In uncontested divorce cases, both spouses collectively agree upon the divorce terms and work their way through the divorce agreement with their attorneys. In an uncontested divorce, there is no dispute for assets or child custody between the spouses. Additionally, uncontested divorces are the easiest and quickest divorces.

  1. Default Divorce

This type of divorce happens when one of the spouses has abandoned the marriage without any intimation or formal notice. The judge can directly grant the divorce to the spouse, with the other spouse taking part. Though certain conditions must be fulfilled to file a default divorce that includes a considerable amount of time when the spouse has not responded, the spouse has never given a formal intimation of abandoning the marriage. The judge decides a couple more things.

Consult an experienced divorce attorney.

You must always contact a professional divorce attorney, no matter what your divorce falls under. They will provide you with a robust plan that can fall in your favor and give you a better understanding of your case’s entire process.

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