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What Determines The Quality Of An Escape Room?

With the rise in popularity of escape room games across the globe, a multitude of new escape rooms have been created. While there are more escape room options than ever before, it is also easier than ever to be scammed. How can you tell the difference between a high-production escape room and a low-budget scam?

Due to the fuzzy line between high-end and low-end escape rooms, we’d like to present you with some indicators that you’re getting the real deal! In 2007, escape rooms originated in Kyoto, Japan, and have since gained worldwide popularity. With increased popularity comes a slew of new innovations and escape room themes as these days, escape rooms are on the menu for almost every birthday party ideas list.

There are numerous new establishments claiming to provide outstanding escape rooms. Thus, being ripped off can be simple. Therefore, you must be able to distinguish between a low-budget rip-off and a high-quality production. Not to fret! We have developed a guide on how to select a reputable escape room. You cannot possibly be dissatisfied with your first experience.

Characteristics of a Quality Escape Room

Each space is designed with one objective in mind: to give the optimal user experience. Those who enjoy their first time solving these riddles typically return for more, as a quality escape room should never leave a participant bored or uninterested. Having stated that, the following is a summary of everything a quality escape room should have:

1. Still-seekers can enjoy all-age puzzles.

The finest escape rooms will, first and foremost, provide possibilities for players of all ages. During the design phase, it is crucial to guarantee that all members of the group may participate in the quest activities. There is nothing worse than a poor-quality escape room that is not difficult enough to demand teamwork and in which every participant is able to take part.

2. Helpful Clue Masters

Excellent clue masters are crucial to the success of escape rooms. Clue masters should not solve your clues for you, but they also should not abandon your team when you need assistance. When your team strays from the mission, a competent hint master will steer you back in the right direction without revealing exactly what you must do. There is a fine line between being excessively and insufficiently helpful.

3. Themes, Topics, Topics

Each escape game must have a theme. How else would you know what the objective is or why you’re playing (apart from having fun, of course)? The most enjoyable feature of an escape room is the sensation of being immersed in a parallel universe. Having a themed room allows you to become a part of the tale and act out your own real-life film. A high-quality escape room is aware of this and will devise entertaining and exciting themes to maximise your enjoyment.

Great escape rooms will have several room themes at their sites in addition to having a theme just like there is in melbourne. If you’re there, the best Melbourne birthday ideas must include escape rooms. Every Escape the Room location has at least three themes to choose from, and in most cases, more. There is a theme for any situation, whether you’re landing on the moon or stealing a bank.

4. Utilizable games and clues

This one should be very obvious: If the hints in your escape game don’t work or make sense, this is a major red flag. In addition, hints should not be so complex and challenging that you must perform complex equations or arbitrarily guess solutions. The entire operation of an escape room is based on deciphering a series of clues.How can you escape if you cannot decipher the clues?


Next time when you consider purchasing tickets for an escape room, keep the above-mentioned things in mind. You can always depend on Escape the Room to deliver the most professional experience imaginable.

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