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I don’t know about other aspects of the society but I think that when it comes to politics, the Nigerian youth have to start acting with immediate effect.

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For a decade or more, we have left the mantle of leadership for the elders and what have we gotten from them? Nothing but drowning the Nigerian economy.

We all know that the success of every nation depends on leaders who are willing to work or serve, or at least care about the feeling of those they rule. All we get from politicians is say one thing and do something else.

All they do is make promises upon promises and fulfill none of them and since no one will react, they do as it pleases them.
I can’t say for the places I have not been to but in the states, I have visited, it seems as if most of them have passive governments.

Look at most interstate roads, bad. Should I talk about our economy, really bad and our education is really failing. Our currency is not left behind in being messed up.

It has gotten to the extent that even religious gatherings are now either a money making ground, a campaign ground or a ground for a violent uprising.

And all these have been happening since we had elders as our leaders, nothing has changed positively.

The funny thing about this is; most of these projects have contracts, and the contracts have been awarded to people, and what happened after the awarding of the contracts, nothing.

In every movie, there are major characters, minor characters and those we refer to as “waka pass role”; all the roles the youths of Nigeria have been reduced to a minor character and majorly waka pass roles. The so-called elders have been playing the major roles and they take both their roles and our roles for granted.

It is not just in the political aspect this time, go to schools, most female students you see that are being sexually harrassed complain of the elderly lecturers often.

Go to news sites or tune to the media, you will see news headlines like “a fourteen-year-old girl raped by a sixty-year-old man”.

These are all the old men and women that we the youth are supposed to look up to, these are what they do and they expect us to emulate their character? Well, this is story for another day, I want this write up to be specifically focused on our political leaders.
I was chatting with one of my secondary school friends who always nursed this dream of being a politician.

I asked him about his political aspirations and how far he has gone with it, he replied with “politics is not a job… I have a job. It’s an act of serving the people and I will get there soon boss”.

I felt glad about his statement because he pointed out two things; first, he said politics is not a job and if you look around you will know that those who consider politics as a job do not perform their “jobs” efficiently.

And secondly, he said that politics is an act of serving the people. Now, this really got me to wonder if our leaders know that politics shouldn’t be seen as a job but an act of serving the people.

This should be what our leaders should have in mind and act accordingly not killing our nation and giving us a bad name.
The youth have slept for too long and I think somehow we contributed to the way we have been deceived and are being taken for granted.

One of the corpers in IMO state that worked as INEC officials during the 2016 election rerun said that during the election, the party agents paid people to vote for them especially the youth, APC had the highest number of voters because they paid a number of voters.

This is a state that almost everyone is complaining about APC and how bad they have ruled in the state, yet they were willing to collect one thousand naira or additional five hundred to vote for the same party. Nigeria youth, when would we decide to start acting right?

I have said it before and I will say it again, the Nigerian government do not care about us, they are too busy being self-centered. I believe its time we start acting.

Most of our politicians need to learn and understand that politics is not a job at all. What most of them do is to sit in their offices and do absolutely nothing and still get paid.

This is why I say we need people who are young, vibrant and active. Most of the old men see politics as a retirement means, where they go for their last round of vacations and collect their last money, then retire so they won’t be broke when they are done ruling.

Some of them won’t do anything, then when its almost time for their tenure to end they perform one magic so that they will still be there at the next election and it is we, the youths that will still organize campaigns and vote for them. Nigerian youth, are you not tired of all these repeat pattern from our leaders?

Truth is, it takes a small voice to start a very loud noise, positive change has to start from somewhere and if the youths are not fused into politics as very active members then it will be the same thing over again, all over again.

The elders have been ruling us for more than a decade now, has anything happened in Nigeria positively? No, let’s try something else. What I am sure of is that we need young active people in Nigeria politics if we want to move forward, not old passive people.

It won’t be a bad idea to see a 24-year-old or a 26-year-old holding a ministerial portfolio. Or if we see a 28-year-old as the Senate president. Nigerian youth need to work together and bear in mind that they are coming to serve the people.

If this has to be successful, we can’t challenge the elders and go on and do the same old shit all over.
I hope some aspiring youths will hear my voice. We must wake up and act. We should be the change # nigerianyouthforchange #.

Ifechukwu Ifee Uwaks.



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