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Which Glasses are in The Latest Trend?


How irritating summer heat waves are!

Yes! But why don’t you protect your eyes from highly intensive scorching heat rays? They need to be filtered away from your eyes to keep them safe. Take health measures to protect yourself from high intensive heat waves. They cause heat stroke, skin rash, dehydration, eye allergies, and permanent damage to the retina. You can save yourself using a hat that gives shadow and also with sunglasses in summer. Moreover, you must wear sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.

Glassesshop will help you out in controlling these issues and is a reputed brand of prescription glasses. It offers glasses for every face shape and color. Circular, oval, Rectangular, and Cat eyeglasses are all trendy glasses you will have with glassesshop.

This article revolves around trendy eyeglasses for women. So read on!

 The trendy designer glasses:

So, trendy eyeglasses for women can be bought from a glassesshop. There are several plentiful varieties of sunglasses at the glassesshop online stores. The trendy eyeglasses for women are as follows:

  • Cat eye glasses
  • Narrow rim cat eyeglasses
  • Rimless frames
  • Wide frames
  • Broader rims eyeglasses
  • Aviator inspired eyeglasses
  • Circular glasses
  • Rectangular eyeglasses

Cat eyeglasses are made for women. Cool women unusually choose these glasses. They cover most of the area of your eye area so, keeping the sensitive part safe from UV radiation.

Moreover, they give a fashionable look. You can wear them with open hair, and boom! You’ll look so graceful. These trendy eyeglasses were made after girls were obsessed with cat eyes.

Cat eyeglasses in different styles are available in the market, especially at Glassesshop, which will fulfill your demands. They vary in terms of rims and colors.

The narrow frames cat eyeglasses have an upturned wing-like shape that looks best on girls with little droopy eyes. They keep the balance between your eyes and the glasses. They give an elongated face look, which is best for square-shaped faces.

The rimless frames are the best for diamond-shaped faces.

Next comes, wider frames having a cat eye shape that fits best with the heart-shaped faces.

Frames with broader rims are made to compliment the oval faces.

Angular frames with little cat-eye shapes are made for people with thick cheeks and bulky faces.

Circular glasses fit best on triangular-shaped faces, oval faces, and also on square faces.

People must wear aviator-inspired frames with pear-shaped faces.

Last but not least, people with square-shaped faces are made of rectangular-shaped glasses.

Ergonomic quality:

They come with plastic frames, acetate frames, premium quality metal frames, and also in flexible rubber-like plastic frames. The color range is so vast. You can choose any according to your hair color and skin tone.


The fashionable eyeglasses for women are discussed in detail. Women with a cool fashion sense usually choose from these types of sunglasses. They go for traditional glasses with no stylish frames. They choose glasses like cat-eye shapes, etc. Customize your sunglasses from the online web stores of Glasseshop. This customization will need some extra charges. Put your prescription information on the portal before placing your order.

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