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Why a Freestanding Bathtub is Not Just a Piece of Aesthetics

Have you experienced the luxurious feel of coming home from a hectic day at work and unwinding your stresses with a relaxing bath? If yes, you understand it’s a feeling unlike any other.

However, a freestanding bathtub is becoming increasingly popular compared to built-in ones. What could be so different about it, you must wonder. Listed below are the top reasons why freestanding tubs are making a comeback.

Why Invest in a Freestanding Tub for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Listed below are the top reasons why people are investing in a freestanding bathtub –

1. The Ultimate Luxury Appeal

It naturally becomes the object of attention if you’ve ever stepped into a bathroom featuring a freestanding tub. Almost like the room’s focal point, its beautiful ceramic make and luxurious design are unmistakable.

If your bathroom is large and spacious, one way to revamp its décor could be simply installing a freestanding tub. Whether you opt for a vintage-touch tub or one that exudes post-modern elegance, the room will have its signature element that seldom goes unnoticed.

2. Easy Installation

Compared to built-in bathtubs, freestanding tubs are undoubtedly easier to install. Wondering why? Going by the construction of built-in tubs, their proper installation requires mounting, sealing, and often a surround.

This is different from a freestanding tub, which can be easily placed in any part of the bathroom.

3. Many Options to Choose From

Another top reason to invest in freestanding tubs is the wide variety of styles. You can choose between modernist designs or vintage claw-footed ones.

In case you have no affinity for the latter, the former category offers many variants in terms of shape – egg-like, bowl-shaped, rectangular, and more.

4. Proper Utilisation of Space

In most cases, freestanding bathtubs are the highlight of large bathrooms. However, that need only be the case sometimes. Even mid-sized bathrooms can accommodate a freestanding tub. Plus, these can be placed in any part of the room compared to built-in tubs.

These Australian resorts use the humble freestanding tub to offer the best bathing experience! Finally, you can even install eye-catching bathroom tiles without the fear of them being hidden by the tub. The entire wall can be visible.

How to Decide

Now you know why the freestanding bathroom tub is becoming a signature piece in many Australian households. However, finding the right one for your bathroom can still seem challenging.

To make the process easier, ask yourself a few questions –
  • How much space does the bathroom have?Look for more compact designs if you feel more space will suffice for a freestanding tub. You can also opt for bathroom remodelling if you don’t wish to compromise on the tub.
  • What is my budget?Freestanding tubs can be expensive, but they’re available in a wide price range, so consider your budget.
  • What are your preferences? If the above two are checked, the rest is all about preference. Choose a freestanding tub that meets your eye and complements the bathroom’s overall aesthetics.
Aesthetics and Functionality: Get the Best of Both Worlds!

Australia’s shower and bath market segment is growing rapidly. Not only bathroom products, but people are also investing heavily in luxurious baths for a relaxing experience. Before investing in a freestanding bathtub, choose a reliable manufacturer.

Besides the style, watch out for space requirements, comfort, and material. And what’s more, dip your toes for the ultimate luxury experience.

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