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Why Do We Need Automotive Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing and car selling are different from how they used to be. As a marketer in the automotive industry, your objective is to reach more and more potential customers to sell more vehicles, get an edge over competitors and grow your business.

Doesn’t this sound simple?

However, visibility is becoming a significant challenge in this digital era. It has become crucial for you to inform your customer about the services you provide and how those services can add value to their car purchase.

Most automobile buyers start their online journey by searching and comparing vehicle listings, dealership websites, and user-generated reviews. Around 90% of online vehicle buyers browse online for information. Here, 360-degree photographs are another crucial factor that determines lead conversion. These photographs give the buyer an external and internal overview of the car without stepping out of their house.

Once the shopper finishes the research, they reach out by texting, calling, or emailing, or they simply walk into the dealership. They can also complete their purchase online, if the option exists.

So, here in this blog, we will discuss the advantages of automotive digital marketing. We will also discuss various approaches to enhance online presence and the benefit of 360-degree car view for automotive digital marketing.

The Automotive Industry  in a Nutshell

The automotive industry has significantly shaped the global economy. The sector has been in flux regarding employment opportunities, technological innovations, and overall growth. Prominent innovations like telematics, artificial intelligence, automation, and ADAS have flooded the sector, and buyers are spoilt for choice.

Why Is Automotive Digital Marketing Important To The Industry?

Digitization has carried hyper-informed shoppers to an already competitive marketplace. Digital & mobile channels drastically impact buyers’ decision-making. Vendors are compelled to market through digital platforms with escalated demand and stiff competition. Although the automotive sector has made some progress, it still needs to catch up in many aspects.

Why Have Organizations Replaced Age-Old Methods With Digital Ones?

The automobile sector is moving towards  digital marketing due to its effectiveness in today’s market over age-old methods:

  • The price of digital marketing is much less than traditional marketing, and it is multiple times more effective in revenue generation.
  • It makes it easy for auto parts suppliers to place their ads in the best possible way and tap aggregate sites.
  • It enables organizations to target potential leads in different geographies more easily.
  • Digitization allows the supplier to create personalized experiences for each client, increasing the chances of lead conversion.
  • Digital marketing enables your team to better determine and judge the results of ad campaigns.
  • Digital marketing is consistently evolving as a superior technique for the automobile sector as retailers/suppliers think it is more crucial for customer retention than a one-time trade.

Why Is 360 Degree Photography Required For Automotive Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, the online market is highly competitive, and it is crucial to implement the latest technologies to keep ahead of competitors. 360-degree car photographs are another crucial factor that can attract customers to your platform. Some of the advantages of 360-degree images from a digital marketing perspective are:

  • Compared to traditional photographs, it gives your customer more details of the car’s interior and exterior.
  • It allows you to spin/rotate the image to check every line, curve, and part of the car.
  • People trust websites/platforms that provide you with a spherical digital image from all angles.
  • Interactive 360-degree car photography is an ideal way to stand out from competitors and present vehicles perfectly. It attracts website visitors and focuses better on your inventory.

Why Spyne?

Spyne’s AI photoshoot and editing platform is designed to match the needs of every individual dealer. Some of the benefits of using their AI-powered solutions include:-

  • At Spyne, AI cataloging services are more affordable than traditional ones. They provide you with an average of 75% lower cost than others.
  • You can significantly speed up the entire cataloging process with guided photoshoots and automated image editing.
  • They provide you with high-quality images that help build the customer’s trust and increase sales potential.
  • You can choose from 100+ professional backgrounds for cars, both outdoor and studio backdrops, for your images.
  • You can create 360 views of your cars quickly and affordably.


The automobile market will become heavily competitive in the upcoming years. However, using effective automotive digital marketing strategies, including 360-degree car photographs, can help attract and engage potential customers. Nowadays, before making the final purchase, people’s decisions are highly influenced by their online searching. You can rely on Spyne to get appealing 360-degree photographs to expand your reach! 360 car views will assist your potential customers in gaining a deeper insight into the vehicle on the online platform, increasing your sales potential.

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