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Why I’ll never fall in love again — Ifeoma Okeke, Plus-size actress


Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude is one of the larger size performing artists in Nollywood, yet she doesn’t feel so. Regardless she sees herself in the skin of thin women who can’t be constrained by their size. Be that as it may, regardless of what she ponders herself, she won’t ignore the difficulties she has looked in the previous 20 years of her acting profession because of overweight.

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Not debilitated, nonetheless, the performing artist who’s presently the Chief of Staff of the occupant President of Actors Guild of Nigeria,AGN, Mr. Emeka Rollas, gladly says “My size has not constrained me at all as an on-screen character.” She likewise described the conditions that prompted the introduction of her pet venture Purple Campaign(an activity which battles against brutality and assault), which needs to do with the slamming of a 3-year-former relationship that made herextremely upset and made her to pledge never to become hopelessly enamored again. Her story…

You look bright, would state your size has constrained you in any capacity as a performing artist? I ought to make that inquiry. Numerous individuals have inquired as to whether I at any point got worn out. I am an exceptionally compulsive worker individual.

My size has not constrained me at all. Luckily, I don’t have larger size companions such as myself. It’s of later that I began blending with hefty size women such as myself. My companions like performing artist Grace Amah, Nneka and Empress Njamah are not as fat as myself. I have dependably been the larger size young lady among them.

In any case, I constantly like the manner in which I am. This is on the grounds that I move more than the greater part of them. I don’t get drained while working. It’s a diversion to me. In all truthfulness, might be I’m not landing positions as I used to get before. I don’t care for assuming the job of a mother in motion pictures. Furthermore, at whatever point you assume that sort of job, everyone would need to label it to your age. Once more, only one out of every odd man enjoys the hefty size women.

Some like them while numerous others like thin women. That is the reason I stated, the ones that like me like me for what I look like. What’s more, when I whine to them that I need to get more fit, they say ‘I like you like this.’ But on the off chance that there is anything I need to do about my size, it’s simply remain solid. That’s it in a nutshell. Be that as it may, am I agreeable in my own skin? Truly.

Do I adore me like this? Indeed. On the off chance that I choose today to shed pounds, numerous individuals would not remember me once more. However, when did you see you were getting overweight? I have dependably been a boyish girl and I am as yet a spitfire. Individuals who know me surely understand that I am a spitfire. Also, my companions are for the most part guys. Yet, I wound up overweight in 1993. Actually, quickly my fantastic mother kicked the bucket in 1992, I don’t know how the entire thing occurred.

I wound up getting excessively fat. In my town, my family and ladies used to call me after my great mother. Have I at any point been stressed over my size?. Indeed and no. Have you allowed love another opportunity after the smashing of your three-year-former relationship? My Purple Campaign was birthed out of the experience I had in that relationship. I was battered commonly in that relationship. There was no purpose behind the battery. It resembles when you ask your beau,

I hear that you are at sixth Avenue, he would beat you for tuning in to prattle. He’s not shielding himself that he’s not at sixth Avenue. He’s beating me for tuning in to babble. What’s more, a moronic me that is enamored would apologize to him for tuning in to chatter. One reason ladies don’t leave aggressive behavior at home is the dread of starting from the very beginning once more. I continue saying regardless i’m stating it that it’s the dread of beginning over again. It’s much the same as since 2007 till now, I am as yet single.

It was the dread of where do I begin from. ‘Someone is making proper acquaintance! What’s more, I’m currently saying hello there! We begin the procedure… From 2010, I never had a beau. I parted ways with my ex in 2008. I didn’t date no man from that point forward till now. No date, no sex. Amid these periods, I drenched myself into my pet undertaking Purple Campaign . Like I continue telling my companions, when you are occupied you don’t consider connections.

I couldn’t inspire myself to experience passionate feelings for again on the grounds that I gave my all in that relationship. I’m gladly a visually impaired man’s little girl and I have no second thoughts at all. Anyone that knows me via web-based networking media, realizes that my engraving is my dad. Nevertheless, have I allowed love another opportunity? Indeed. Have I lamented allowed love another opportunity? Indeed.

Would I like to love once more? No. Will I get hitched? Indeed. Will I adore him? I will confide in him, however I won’t love him. How might you wed a man you can’t become hopelessly enamored with? Love can be worked all the while. You should not cherish him to wed him. As per the Holy Bible, love doesn’t hurt, and if love harms at that point there is no adoration. On the off chance that there is love, there will be no stung.

Thus, when that adoration comes, he will be the one cherishing me and not the other route round. It doesn’t justified, despite any potential benefits. Does your ex still connect with you? I don’t have the foggiest idea. I would prefer not to converse with him, and I don’t care for conversing with him. He remains my ex. I converse with my other exes, including the one I exited to experience passionate feelings for him.

I dumped him since I caught him in the act undermining me. On account of the one that made meextremely upset, I took such a significant number of duping, yet it didn’t pay me. All in all, what’s pith? Everything about ex is a family. We relate as a family… One of my closest companions is my ex’s sister. Be that as it may, sadly, my most exceedingly terrible ex is the main Igbo man I have dated in my life.

I gave my everything since individuals were blaming me for not dating Igbo men. I said approve, let me give my everything trusting it would prompt my settling down. Yet, it boomeranged, and it’s alright. I will give love a shot once more. Furthermore, I will begin to look all starry eyed at again when I see love. Getting love from me isn’t the issue, however getting affection from the contrary sex is.

That is the reason I stated, when we get hitched the children will supplement our relationship. I need to embrace the days of yore example of connections. They don’t wed for affection. For better or for more terrible, they remain in the marriage in view of children. They never separated. You as of late commended your 20 years in the film business, how has the adventure been up until now? It’s been great in the previous 20 years.

I went to schools and I gained testaments. It was twofold festival. While my establishment timed 20 years, I additionally checked 20 years of my acting vocation. I began before around 10 years. It began through my father. My family goes to Catholic church and we were sharing in the Legion work of the congregation. That was the place the enthusiasm to do philanthropy work originated from.

I began dealing with the matured, individuals with Down Syndrome, the visually impaired and furthermore the vagrants. Instantly, I joined the business, I saw the stage and I said to myself, this is a great opportunity to take this energy to another level. That was the manner by which it began.

Was your father into helpful works? My father got visually impaired when I was scarcely a year. He’s really a provider. He’s that sort of a man that would train his youngsters to give out their old garments toward the finish of like clockwork. Notwithstanding when despite everything we appreciate those garments, he would demand that we give them out.

In this way, as a result of my father’s condition I began working with the School of the Blind when I was nine years. Is it safe to say that it was how you begun your acting profession? Nkem Owoh carried me into the business in 1998. I recall that his office was found near where we typically hold our Legion of Mary’s gathering in Lawanson, Surulere.

He was continually promising me to join the business. Thus, when he was shooting his motion picture, ‘Yogo Pampam’, he gave me a job. Instantly I completed the process of featuring in that film, I got a sub-lead job in another motion picture titled, “Snapshot of Sorrow,” trailed by another sub-lead once more.

What’s more, I started to think about whether it was that simple. Not realizing that it was a ploy to bait me into the business. However, at that point, I needed to return to class since I was still extremely youthful. I simply finished my optional instruction. I continued to Lagos City Computer College for a course in Computer Science.

I likewise went to Lagos State University where I sacked a confirmation in Theater Arts. I additionally went to Nursing School, and returning to class to think about Business Administration. Following 20 years, okay say the business has been reasonable for you? At the beginning period, you know I have a small voice and furthermore, I am on the huge side.

I don’t know how they come to fruition the throwing attitude in the business. On the off chance that they need to cast, they would give me a role as Grace Amah’s mom. It doesn’t work that way. Despite everything I have my young face and also my modest voice.

In this way, my voice, my body and my face once in a while depict me as a mother. It likewise influenced my getting jobs in films as I expected to. I was just given the chance to demonstrate that I could translate such jobs. Be that as it may, a few makers who trusted in me didn’t dither to give me jobs in their films. I would have gone the extent that I should, in the business.

In any case, my voice and my size pulled me back. I’m not debilitated. It’s not possible for anyone to make me feel terrible. I am one of the cutting edge performers in Nollywood today. How might you rate your qualities, shortcomings, openings and pickles in the business? I have never had low-regard regardless of the chances. Maybe, that is the reason I complete a ton of motivational talks.

Notwithstanding when I didn’t get those jobs, I didn’t feel terrible. There is a certain something, Clarion Chukwurah was continually letting us know. As indicated by her, amid their chance, individuals were asked to act, and today, individuals ask to act. It could have supported a great deal of performing artists at the beginning time of their profession.

To be completely forthright, it’s favoring me now. And still, after all that, I highlighted in a considerable measure of cleanser musical show, assumed minor jobs in motion pictures. It didn’t influence me and I wasn’t disheartened in any way.


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