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How Can I Fix HP Printer Keeps Going Offline Error?

HP printer is a top-class option when it comes to getting HD-quality prints. Many users face HP Printer offline problems while printing the essential document of their choice.

If you are looking to turn it on on Windows 7, 8, 10, or Mac, you need to know the primary cause of the problem to get it solved. Read the article to get the answer to “why is my hp printer offline?” here.

Why is My HP Printer Offline?

Know the cause to know why your HP printer is offline. Check the main causes before finding the solution to the problem.

  • Paper jam issue
  • Connection issues with the cables can result in Offline
  • Offline mode settings
  • Lack of updated drivers
  • Default printer choosing problem

There are a lot more problems that can result in making it easier for you to know the primary reasons for HP printer offline problems.

How to Troubleshoot the HP Printer Offline Issue?

If you’re an HP printer user, you might surely have typed, “why is my HP printer offline?” Haven’t you? Of course, you have; this issue doesn’t enable you to print the document, which is frustrating, especially when you want to get your important document printer. To help you solve the problem and make it work again, we’ve listed important methods right here.

Check That Use Printer Offline Mode Isn’t Enabled

You might be aware that HP Printer will turn offline when you choose “Use Printer Offline” mode. Hence it becomes essential for you to check whether the option is selected or not. You can get this issue solved by following the easy steps listed below:

  • Click on Settings on the Start Menu ➤Hit on Printer and scanners
  • From the listed options, choose the HP printer
  • Uncheck “Use Printer Offline” to make your printer work again

Set the Printer as Default

HP printer users can follow troubleshooting steps to keep their HP printer going on Windows and Mac.

  • Click on Windows ➤enter Run ➤ ‘Control Panel’ in the dialogue box and click on ‘OK’
  • Hit on the Device and Printer option to check the printer list
  • If the printer you use has a green tick mark, it’s already set as the default printer
  • Click on printer and set it as the default printer
  • This will make your HP printer work successfully

Update the Outdated Version

Corrupted or outdated printer driver usage can result in an HP printer offline issue. Follow the below steps to update the outdated version:

  • Go to Windows ➤search and click on “Device Manager” ➤ ‘Printers’
  • From the visible section ➤discover the printer model and click on it
  • Now select the Update Driver option and click the search automatically and wait till it gets updated
  • Once the download is completed successfully, follow the installation process and restart your system

For Reinstallation of Printer Driver

  • Go to ‘control panel’ and choose Remove Programs
  • Make sure to uninstall the HP printer driver
  • Once after uninstalling the driver, you can follow the installation process again

Ending Note

We hope this article gives a quick solution to your question, “why is my HP printer offline.” It might also help you find various causes that result in HP printer offline problems. If you fail to solve the issue using the above-listed issue, you can get in touch with the team of experts who can help you with the same.

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