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Why Ottawa Is One of Canada’s Top Cities

As Canada’s capital city, it’s hard to argue against there being a better metropolis in all of the Great White North. With a diverse population, a strong economy, and a low crime rate, it’s no surprise that Ottawa homes for sale are in high demand. And while those are all excellent reasons to love Ottawa, they’re hardly the only ones. Aside from practical features, there’s a lot of great things about Ottawa that are just… fun.

Here are some of my favorites.

Parliament Hill

Like I said, Ottawa is Canada’s capital. As such, this is where Parliament regularly gathers to decide the fate of world affairs. Where better to do that than the gorgeous Gothic revival towers of Parliament Hill. I’m not the only person who finds it to be among the most striking architectural wonders in all of Canada, as evidenced by the more than three million visitors who tour the building every year. Protip: make sure to stop by on Canada Day so you don’t miss the biggest fireworks celebration of the year.

The Rideau Canal

Spanning from Ottawa to Lake Ontario, the Rideau Canal and her twin waterfalls together measure a whopping 202 kilometers in length. That’s impressive enough on its own, but it’s even more impressive in the winter when the canal is transformed into the single largest ice-skating rink in the world. Best of all, it’s completely free to skate and, even if you’re rubbish on the ice, you can still enjoy the experience thanks to intricate carvings that line the canal during the annual Winterlude event.

Local Breweries

No Canadian worth their weight in hockey pucks can turn down a cool mug of freshly brewed beer, and Ottawa’s hops are among the nation’s most delectable. Thirsty locals and vacationers alike would do well to sign up for one of the city’s regular tours and explore the inner working of such local breweries as Clocktower Brewpub, Beyond the Pale Brewing Company, Kichesippi Beer Co., Broadhead Brewing Company, Cassel Brewing, Ashton Brewing Company, and more.

Ottawa Bluesfest

Music makes the world go round, right? Ottawa natives know that just as well as anyone, which is why every year the city plays host to the second largest outdoor music festival in all of North America. Bringing more than 300,000 music-lovers to Canada every summer, the two-week, multi-stage event offers a wide range of A-list acts from an even wider range of genres, with past performers including everyone from B.B. King to Kanye West to Lady Gaga to the Foo Fighters.


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