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Why Roxtec Cable Entry Systems Are Vital for Safety and Style

Did you know that good cable management is the best way to complete your project and deliver on a finished job that will leave your clients talking?

The cable entry systems made by Roxtec are made for companies who want to have clean cable installations that can stand up to any use case you throw at them. These cable glands are more than tough, they are essential for a safe and future proofed project.

Here’s why Roxtec cable glands are changing how we handle our cable management projects.

The Importance of Good Cable Management

At Excel Automation, we believe in distributing the best industrial parts and components. That’s why we stand behind the cable glands made by Roxtec. Their products deliver on safety, efficiency, and style.

Ease of Use

The best solutions for cable management are the ones that are easiest to use. The cable glands made by Roxtec are modular and they can be easily installed without technical training. This creates a system that is just as easy to utilize as it is to install.


When you have problems with how a team has installed a cable management solution, troubleshooting can be the hardest task.

Clustered cable pass-through can be difficult to troubleshoot. The cable glands made by Roxtec offer clean, modular designs that allow teams to inspect cables and quickly identify any problems. The faster our teams can complete troubleshooting, the quicker we can implement Solutions.


The biggest advantage offered by the cable entry systems made by Roxtec is that their designs were built with the future in mind.

One of the biggest challenges that we’re facing today in the world of installing cabling is the rapidly changing landscape of technological requirements. Roxtec builds naturally modular cable glands that can quickly change depending on your circumstances.

Their cable glands work for data cabling just as easily as other systems that need pass-through cable management.

Fire Safety

Proper cable management is essential for fire safety. This is true whether your cables are managing high power electrical flows or simple data connections.

The more complicated your cable management is, the harder it is to service. Our goal is to make sure that your cable entry systems offer seamless and modular solutions to safety concerns.

Visual Appeal

We’ve all been on the job at a site that has terrible cable management. Cables can be tied in knots, hard to manage, and even damaged through this neglect. It’s often underestimated how this cable management mess impacts our clients as well as our own workforce.

A cleanly installed cable management system that uses Roxtec cable glands is not only easy to manage, it’s good to look at. This kind of clean presentation is something that naturally connects to clients who might not know the technical ins and outs of why we’re installing what we’re installing.

Improve Your Project with the Right Cable Entry System

Your next cable management project could be made a lot easier with Roxtec cable entry systems. These systems are ideal for pass-through, walls, and even waterproof installations and enclosures.

How can you improve your next project with cable glands from Roxtec?

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