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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Kitchen Sinks in Sydney

Whether you love cooking or Sydney’s 9-5 hustle culture renders you too tired to turn on the stove, a functional sink comes in handy either way. From cooking your favourite dish, ordering food, or renovating your space, a kitchen sink offers functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, installing a kitchen sink is not a simple purchase; it is an investment. A sink is a multi-purpose purchase, so ensure you get the perfect one. This guide will tell you everything you need to know before choosing kitchen sinks in Sydney.

Are You Renovating Your Kitchen?

In Sydney, remodelling a kitchen costs approximately $35 to $4,000, depending on the scale of the project. Therefore, the sink you purchase should be worth the amount you spend renovating the area. Additionally, if you want to replace the old sink without buying a new counter, then ensure the new sink seamlessly fits in the space left by the previous one.

Pick the Right Material

Kitchen sinks are available in various materials. Every material serves a different function, depending on the sink’s usage and maintenance. For instance, porcelain sinks are quick to install but tend to get dirty quickly. However, you can use baking soda to remove kitchen sink stains easily.

The most popular kitchen sink material is stainless steel. While high-quality stainless steel might be slightly more expensive than other materials, such as cast iron and porcelain, they are incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and safe to use. Additionally, they look gorgeous with modern or chic kitchens with a minimalistic layout.

Kitchen Sink Size

The next factor to consider when buying a kitchen sink is its size. Regarding kitchen sinks, larger ones cost more than smaller ones. Consider your budget and the frequency of the sink’s usage when picking a size. For instance, if you seldom cook, then a small or medium-sized sink is perfect. However, a bigger sink will satisfy your needs if you enjoy cooking and experimenting with new dishes.

Kitchen Compartments

The sink you buy depends on your kitchen’s layout and cabinets. Unless you are remodelling the kitchen, purchase a sink that is compatible with the available area. When browsing through sinks, ensure the existing cupboards can handle their space, weight, and depth.

Squeezing a larger sink in a limited area can damage your cabinets or put scratches or dents in them. Another crucial point to remember is that filling the sink with water or storing dishes would add to its natural weight. Therefore, consider every angle before checking out of the cart.

Single or Partitioned Sink?

Depending on the sink’s function, you can choose either a single sink or a partitioned one. A single piece works best when you require a vast area for washing large kitchen appliances, such as pots, pans, or big plates. On the other hand, a double sink includes a divider in the centre, allowing you to create separate piles.

Instead of storing all products together, you can store dirty dishes in one partition and clean ones in the other. Not only does it declutter the sink, but it also accelerates the entire process. A double-sink works best for large-scale events, such as in restaurants or a house gathering for friends and family.

Wrapping Up

The average kitchen sink renovation cost in Sydney ranges from $17,000 to $42000. Therefore, when purchasing kitchen sinks in Sydney, it is essential to consider all factors before finalizing your purchase. A kitchen sink is truly indispensable. It accommodates all your requirements, from washing groceries to defrosting them.

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