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8 Must Have Wedding Jewellery for the Gujurati Bride

Embarking on the beautiful journey of marriage is a special occasion for any bride, and for the Gujarati bride, the significance of the wedding jewellery adds an extra layer of cultural richness and elegance. In this guide, we’ll explore the must-have wedding jewellery pieces that every Gujarati bride should consider to enhance her bridal ensemble. From traditional to contemporary, these jewels not only complement the vibrant Gujarati bridal attire but also symbolize cultural heritage and timeless beauty.

I. Mangalsutra: Symbol of Marital Bond

  • Traditional Thali Style Mangalsutra
      • This timeless piece symbolizes the sacred bond of marriage.
      • Opt for a traditional Thali style mangalsutra with intricate gold work and black beads.
      • The Thali pendant, usually featuring auspicious symbols, adds cultural significance.
  • Contemporary Mangalsutra Designs
    • Explore modern mangalsutra designs with a blend of gold and diamonds.
    • Consider variations in chain styles such as beaded or layered chains for a contemporary touch.
    • Personalize the pendant with initials or motifs that hold sentimental value.

II. Nath: A Regal Touch to the Gujarati Bride’s Look

  • Traditional Maharashtrian Nath
      • Adorn your nose with a traditional Maharashtrian nath, a large nose ring with a beaded chain.
      • Choose a nath with intricate gold work and a prominent gemstone in the center.
      • Maharashtrian naths often feature pearls and kundan, adding to their regal charm.
  • Borla Nath for a Rajasthani Flair
    • Opt for a borla nath, a distinctive Rajasthani nose ring that is characterized by its spherical shape.
    • Borla naths are typically studded with pearls, kundan, and intricate gold detailing.
    • This piece adds a touch of royalty and complements the traditional Gujarati bridal look.

III. Kamarband: Accentuating the Waistline

  • Gold Kamarband with Intricate Detailing
    • Enhance your bridal attire with a gold kamarband featuring elaborate craftsmanship.
    • Look for a design that incorporates traditional motifs like peacocks, flowers, or religious symbols.
    • The kamarband not only adds elegance but also accentuates the waistline of the Gujarati bride.

IV. Bangles: Symbol of Auspiciousness

  • Green and Red Lac Bangles
      • Embrace tradition with green and red lac bangles that signify prosperity and fertility.
      • Choose bangles adorned with intricate meenakari work or studded with kundan for a touch of opulence.
      • Stack these bangles on both arms to create a vibrant and auspicious look.
  • Gold and Diamond Bangles
    • Opt for a set of gold or diamond bangles for a touch of contemporary elegance.
    • Consider designs that complement the overall colour scheme of your bridal attire.
    • Mix and match different textures and styles to create a personalized and modern look.

V. Maang Tikka: Enhancing the Forehead

  • Matha Patti with a Statement Maang Tikka
    • Choose a matha patti that frames the forehead gracefully, adorned with a statement maang tikka.
    • Look for designs with intricate gold work, pearls, and kundan for a traditional touch.
    • Ensure the maang tikka complements the hairstyle and overall bridal look.

VI. Anklets: Adorning the Feet

  • Ghungroo Payal for a Melodious Touch
    • Select a ghungroo payal with small bells that emit a melodious sound as you walk.
    • Ghungroo payals often come in silver, adding a contrasting element to the bridal ensemble.
    • These anklets add a playful and traditional touch to the Gujarati bride’s look.

VII. Haath Phool: Hand Harness for Graceful Hands

  • Intricate Kundan Haath Phool
    • Adorn your hands with an intricate haath phool, a hand harness featuring kundan and pearls.
    • Opt for designs that cover the back of the hand and extend to the fingers for a regal and graceful appearance.
    • Haath phools add a touch of glamour to the Gujarati bride’s hands during wedding rituals.


As a Gujarati bride, selecting the perfect wedding jewellery is an integral part of the bridal journey. Each piece holds cultural significance, adding depth and beauty to the overall ensemble. From the timeless mangalsutra symbolizing marital bliss to the regal borla nath enhancing the bride’s facial allure, these must-have jewellery pieces contribute to the richness of the Gujarati bridal look. Whether you choose to embrace tradition or incorporate modern elements, the key is to select pieces that resonate with your personal style and celebrate the cultural heritage of the vibrant Gujarati community.

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