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Common Terms Used when Shopping for Quartz or Granite Countertops

Is there something that the granite or quartz salesperson said that you did not quite understand? Our quick glossary of common terms will help you be able to shop for your new countertops with confidence.

Apron Sink: A sink that shows the front of the basin on the outside of the cabinetry, like an apron.

Backsplash: The area at the back of the countertop against the wall that is often tiled or can use matching stone to protect the wall from splashing water and food.

Bookmatch: The process of matching veining from two slabs in quartz or granite so that the design flows from one section of stone to the next.

Bull-nose: Popular round edge for countertops that is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms.

CNC Machine: The computer-controlled saw that creates a program from your template to cut out the precise piece of granite or quartz required for your counter.

Digital Template: Measurements taken from your kitchen or bath are entered into a computer where a digital template is created for use by the CNC machine.

Drain Board: Section of the counter by the sink that can be cut down to serve as an integrated drain board for wet dishes and produce. Water is directed into the basin.

Drop-in Sink: Traditional sink construction that has a lip that rests on the granite counter. It is dropped into place and supported by the stone.

Edge Profile: The shape that you select for the edge of your counters. Common choices include bullnose, ogee, eased, bevel, and waterfall.

Engineered Stone: Quartz is an engineered stone since it is man-made and has similar characteristics to natural stone like granite.

Finish: Refers to the gloss level that you chose for your countertops. You can select honed or matte, leather, polished, or high-gloss.

Miter: A corner where a 45-degree angled cut is used to match two pieces of stone to create a picture frame-type join for a contemporary and clean edge.

Quarry: Two definitions include the place where the stone is cut from the mountain face or the process of cutting natural stone.

Sealant: Every quartz and granite countertop receive an application of sealant to create a non-porous surface that resists stains. Usually requires an annual re-application.

Shim: Slim pieces of hidden wood are used to create a perfectly flat countertop installation.

Undermount Sink: The sink has no edge to sit on top of the quartz counter. Instead, it is lifted into place from below, supported with brackets, and then sealed for a watertight fit.

Veining: Randomly occurring lines of contrasting stone that appear throughout the surface of quartz and granite.

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