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How to get a perfect Satta number

The appeal of Satta Matka has increased tremendously over time, with huge payouts for the winners. This increase in popularity is attributed to the straightforward gameplay rules and high likelihood of success. Numerous betting websites have been established in response to the game’s increased popularity and increasing customer demand.  Superwin is redefining the boundaries of online betting with its state-of-the-art sports and casino platform

How to Obtain the ideal Satta number?

Matka satta is a type of lottery or gaming system. To collect three cards for a game of Teen Patti with just one opponent, a bettor would first need to mix the cards and deal them one at a time. The opponent gets 130 if he receives 10, A, and 3 in that order. In this case, Ace equals 1 and 10 equals 0. The value ranges from one to ten, with ten being the most significant value. Similar to how it will become 247 if he receives 2, 7, and 4. The opponent’s card will now be referred to as open; hence, 130 is the open card, and 247 is the CLOSE card for the player.

However, there is a catch: to determine the open figure for 130 open cards, all numbers must be added together. For example, if we add 1+3+0 to get 4, we get 4. Hence we refer to this figure as the open figure for a set of 130 open cards, also known as Pana, similar to 2+4+7 equals 13.

The Single Figure after Receiving a Two-digit Number

The bettor must decide between using this number’s last digit or the place value of one, so they can use 3. So, the open number is 130-4, and our close is 247-3. With this, we can combine the open and closed figures to create a JODI number, which is 43. More game features have since been added, such as motor Patti, Sangam, etc., which combine open-close Pana, open-close figure, etc.

The Matka guessing game consists of 220 Patti, 10 figures, and 100 Jodis. For Jodi, the rates of one formation are 1:9.5 and 1.90, respectively. Because there are 3 separate categories for all 220 patties, there are numerous rates for cards. The rates for a single patta, double patta, and triple patta are 1:140 for a double patta, 1:250 for a triple patta, and 1:750 for a quadruple patta. According to bookmakers and their offers, different regions will have varying rates.


So, a bettor should understand the basics of how to get a perfect satta number while betting online. The first and most crucial factor to be looked at is finding a reputable satta matta matka website. Factors including the total number of users, general evaluations of the website, and the calibre of its customer support should also be given equal weight. Bet smart, play hard, and win big with Superwin’s exceptional sports and casino offerings.

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